Our history

Our Company was founded in 1999, with the intention of developing a product able to dynamically meet the customer’s requirements. Today we successfully operate on the global market of welding thermoplastic materials, with a significant propensity for research, innovation, efficient management and active cooperation with the customer.

To perceive the customer’s requirements is our first approach to the design and development. For this reason, our company organization aims to be present in the most significant market areas. In addition to the consolidated market, we particularly focus on the market range centered on innovation and characterised by a strong growth rate.

From 2016 we have begun to implement a new type of approach in our relationship with our customers. Our new philosophy is summarized in the eight points of the CUSTOMER INTERSECTION:

  • Consultancy support
  • Feasibility / Test lab
  • Project design
  • Training / seminars
  • Services
  • Production support
  • SMED
  • Maintenance friendly approach
Where we are in market?


What they do that we don’t do ?


Only GFA Agreement

Ease of use

Machine handbook


Warranty document




Company rules

Flexibility/Have alternatives

Choosing from builded machine models

Customer services

Installation support or only delivery to supplier plant

Geographical position

Prompt reaction

What we can do which they can not do?

  • Competitive price, package discount within same year volume.
  • Training programs, product based guidelines, visual instructions.
  • Remote maintenance assistance, prompt technical intervention, consulting service, equipment FMEA, machine Ledgar.
  • Project management with Early Equipment Management method of WCM Step based follow up meetings.
  • Customer based and intersection customer approach method.
  • Product base special machine design, production support, machine rental support.
  • Consultancy service, training service, remote maintenance, spare parts services worldwide, urgent technician service.
  • Service worldwide: European plant and Turkish technology center.

Who we are?/Who we are not?

Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in plastic welding we are making difference to your job with plastic welding equipment.

We do not sell, we create solutions!

We are next to you as a consulting company.