Hot Plate Welding

Hot plate welding is the most appropriate method to join large size parts even with complex shapes. After cooling, the weld is esthetically pleasing, leak proof, and characterized by its strong joining force. To a certain extent, hot plate welding allows to join elements having some degree of dimensional tolerance.It is possible to weld all kind of thermoplastics , even if they come with different stiffnesses. When needed, a double weld bead could be used to duplicate the welding features.


  • Welding machines manufactured in 4 standard sizes, with electrical motion andturntable feeding available. Precision in movements +/- 0.05 mm
  • Fast tool change with quick couplings, model identification and storage of card parameters (estimated time for machine setting in order to process two different workpieces: 15 minutes).
  • Thermal separation to protect the operator when loading/unloading.
  • Mobile door frontal protection, with double safety for the operator (photo electrical and contact).
  • Linear interpolation of axes to optimize time of fusion/welding exchange.


  • CAD geometry CNC milled plates. Light plate profile for a significant weight and heating/cooling time reduction. Independent temperature management for each plate.
  • Heating with perimeter resistances to attain an excellent and even temperature distribution  (+/- 5º in contact zone). Accessible resistances for an easy change and system of intermediate connectors. Consumption control by resistances groups to identify burnt-out resistances. Alarm shown on screen.
  • Placements with finish and covering to avoid any esthetic damage to the workpieces. Suction caps and pneumatic clamps.  Component presence recognition and sensors for correct positioning of the workpiece when placing. Equipment binary code with associated welding parameters in machine.


  • This type of welding assures assembly of parts with complex geometry, high precision and an excellent aesthetic result.
  • The parts are welded with a continuous bead that ensures good mechanical strength and leak proof seal.